One of the most expansive projects I’ve worked on this year was for a talk given at Procter & Gamble’s headquarters in Cincinnati.

For this talk, I was tasked with creating the entire visual presentation for a talk about social media insights that would accompany the speakers on stage. Also, this presentation needed a completely new aesthetic than our previous sales decks, reports, and presentations. The final look of this presentation was inspired by conceptual work I had made for a motion graphics video, and has gone on to inspire a current creative overhaul of Dose Media’s internal sales reports, pitch decks, and website.

The following work on this page showcases my creative process on this project from from start to finish.

Concept Designs for Motion Graphics Video

I created these visual concepts to serve as inspiration for the motion design team as they developed an explainer video for Dose Media. The aim was to create a video that was dynamic and clearly illustrated the look and feel of social media and to showcase it’s marketing potential. I decided to integrate botanical elements into the designs to emphasize the organic growth of social media, and consumer insights.

slides from final P&G Presentation

These are just a small sampling of slides I created for the P&G presentation. When I began the design process, I drew inspiration from the dynamic concept illustrations I had created earlier. Throughout the entire presentation I wanted to emphasize a clean and clear look that was reflective of a social media experience. I utilized circle motifs and accents throughout the slides as image treatments, data visualizations, icons, and slide breaks. It was a complete departure from Dose Media’s previous decks and sales collateral and required a very quick turnaround timeline with many iterations of feedback. The final presentation had over 40 slides and was used over the course of the hour talk. It was an exhaustive project but one that I’m very proud of.

sales report redesign

After completing the presentation for P&G, the sales team decided that dose’s sales reports and pitch decks should be updated to reflect the new style I created for the presentation. These images above are examples of three slides from a recent sales report. The treatment of isolated illustrations, title banners, info graphics, and color palettes in all current sales decks are heavily inspired by the work I made for the P&G presentation.

dose media website redesign

In addition to an overhaul on pitch decks and sales reports, my work on the P&G presentation inspired a design update to Dose Media’s official website. With this overhaul, I worked with other visual designers to establish page layouts, and icon designs that clearly translated the company’s mission and background. Much like the updated sales and report collateral, the open layout and dynamic treatment of images and infographics were highly inspired by my original work on the P&G presentation.