While working on the video “Women of Beer” for OMG Facts, I storyboarded, designed, and animated every shot throughout the video.

The following work on this page showcases my creative process from start to finish.


Initial story board sketch Final Frame design (Photoshop)

For the first shot of the video, I wanted to land on a hook shot that was engaging and clearly visualized the focus of the script. I immediately thought the visuals of beer hops and a spinning beer bottle cap would frame the shot in this way.

The second shot is the one that proved to be the most time consuming to design. When I read that the script was describing four different time periods / regions I thought it would be fun to build out the scene piece by piece. For each bottle I designed a label that was reflective of it’s region and had them slide into frame as the text explained their significance.

On shot three I wanted to focus on the transition of beer making being a chore for women to a source of income. With this shot I thought it would be humorous for a women who was downtrodden and sweeping, to be suddenly surrounded with money and flowing beer. I couldn’t help but add a graduation cap to illustrate the educational aspect of this role.

For shot four the script went all the way back to medieval ages. When I saw this I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce a new aesthetic to the video. I wanted to frame the shot like an old illustrated medieval woodcut and animate the scene in a way that was consistent with the humorous feel of the rest of the video.

When the script talked about a nun adding hops to beer for the first time on shot five, my first reaction was to create an angelic scene. I wanted to showcase the nun front and center and surround her with brewery tanks and flying doves. After sketching this scene I was amazed to find assets that matched my original design perfectly. Out of the entire video, this shot is my personal favorite.

On the final shot of the video the script talked about how beer making transitioned to an industrial operation. While staying consistent with the scrapbook aesthetic, I chose to illustrate a house on a prairie that grew into a factory. This shot involved the most complex color keying and overlaying out of the entire video.

OMG Fact outro animation

FINAL Animated video (After Effects)