Branding and Icons

Narrative Design with Illustrative Assets

As an Illustrator I love to tell stories through the characters, sets, and props that I create. By utilizing various mediums, mixed media techniques, and dynamic compositions, I hope to put the viewer within the moment. I hope they transport themselves to that time and place I'm describing and believe in it. When It comes to communicating a message through logos and branding, that process remains the same.

The various designs on this page are a collection of explorations to blend my illustrated style with my type work. Through motion, variable line quality, and engaging colors, I aim to visualize brands and messages in a new refreshing way. 


Pulse Brands

From the Heart

Pulse is a brand I created based from an illustrated heart in one of my drawings. As a lifestyle / sporting brand, it's focus is to trancend the normalcy of everyday routines and connect with the consumer's real passion for the outdoors. Whether its boarding down the mountainside, or traversing remote hiking trails, Pulse is the brand that visualizes that heart pounding rush that keeps you coming back for more!  





Dynamic Type

and other fun explorations!